Joe Miller

Lewes District Council - Peacehaven West



He joined the Conservative Party at the age of 17, after the financial crisis: as he saw mismanagement of the country’s finances hurt the poorest the most. As a result of that Joe got more and more involved in politics, and came into contact with great local Councillors who really made a difference to their ward resident’s lives and the city as a whole. Joe thought he had something to add in both regards, and also thought it would be good to have younger representation on the Council, and especially Conservative young representation: and so that is what drove him to stand.

Joe counts as his proudest achievement as a councillor chairing the Live Music Policy Panel. As a result of this a Live Music Partnership and Roundtable across the City, of all interested parties, has been created to iron out any difficulties in the sector and for those people to work together to allow Live Music in the city flourish even further.

He was a student at Sussex University studying Law and worked as a waiter. Joe subsequently still work as a waiter, and is continuing his legal studies to become a Barrister. It does take some time…

Joe enjoys everything Brighton and Hove has to offer. The countryside surrounding us in particular, where he walks his dog Nessie: as well as the beach: and the lively, vibrant city in the middle with so much to do. He enjoys comedy, theatre, music, eating out and trying to keep fit by burning off all of the calories the former include at the gym or by swimming.


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