Lynda Hyde

Rottingdean Coastal

SURGERY DETAILS: Every third Tuesday of each month excluding August and December


Lynda has lived in Brighton all of her life, along with her family, and became a councillor because she wanted to make a difference to Brighton residents and their children. Hearing that there was a vacancy in the Rottingdean Coastal ward, she was elected in 1999. 

Since her election she has been on the planning committee, which is of great interest to her, as she feels that the design of new buildings must fit within the city and not have a huge impact on the local area. She is also the Opposition Spokesperson on the Licensing Committee, which has recently decided not to grant Uber a license. 

Before she became a Councillor, Lynda was the Co-Director of a local company that sold power tools to trade, which gives her an insight into businesses and how they function. She also sat on the old Brighton Health Authority, sending out care packages to the elderly and house-bound.

Lynda has a broad experience of life, as the mother of three grown-up children and a former foster parent that gives her a unique perspective on Council matters. 

Lynda was also the Mayor of Brighton & Hove in 2015/16.