Steve Bell



Steve Bell sits on the Policy Resource & Growth, Housing & New Homes, Licensing, Housing Management Panel East area and Corporate Parenting Board Committees. 

Steve became a councillor because it is important to him that Woodingdean Ward has a strong active voice, both in the local area by sitting on Village Committees, and also inside the City Council to ensure the voice of tenants and residents are represented in a fair but strong manner. 

As Woodingdean sits on the edge of the City, it is all too easy for the resources to be spent on the City centre. It is Steve's role as an elected councillor to make sure that Woodingdean is not neglected by the Administration and to continue to see fair allocation of council funds spent within and for the benefit of Woodingdean. 

It was also a large concern of Steve's, having lived in Woddingdean since 2009, to protect the green spaces and stop all unnecessary development, to maintain the local transport systems and stand up against the increase if traffic. 

Steve's proudest moment as a councillor was bringing a Public Space Protection Order to Woodingdean Cemetery, so that villages and family members can visit their loved ones in peace, quiet and enjoy the serenity of the surroundings. He is also very proud of stopping the development which may have happened in Happy Valley which would have destroyed an area which is enjoyed by the local community. Steve was delighted to work on both of these issues with his fellow Ward councillor, Dee Simson. 

Prior to becoming a councillor, Steve was a consultant to the construction industry and served in HM Armed Forces, serving in The Queen's Regiment. 

Outside of his role as a councillor, Steve is the Chairman of The Queen's Regiment Association (Horsham Branch), Chairman of the Tory Society at Sussex University, Officer for the Royal Society of St George, and a Patron of various Charities.  

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