Alzheimer’s Disease International has praised the UK Government for its progress and commitment in tackling the stigma of dementia and improving the care experience for sufferers and their carers at this year’s UK Dementia Congress, held in Brighton’s Hilton Metropole.

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£60 Million Target Exceeded Early

The Government has exceeded its £60 million target for the Dementia Research Institute earlier than 2020 and has the second largest research spend on Dementia in the world. 

Diagnosis Rate Increased to 66%

Since 2010 the dementia diagnosis rate has increased from 42% to 66% in 2018 meaning more people can access the support and care they need. Over a million NHS workers have also had training on dementia over the last five years.

UK Will Be World Leader

Cllr Nicholas Taylor

Cllr Nicholas Taylor

Attending the UK Dementia Congress, Nick Taylor, Conservative Health and Wellbeing spokesperson commented “Dementia can be a cruel and difficult condition for individuals and their families. Since 2015 the Government set about the UK being the best country in the world to support those living with dementia, either personally or as a relative.

"I was very pleased to hear from the Minister of State for Care directly that this is still a firm commitment and remains on track.

"There is always more to do but with our health partners we can be ambitious for our city”